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See the 2023 Hadi Shrine Circus performers in the famed three rings.

Ringmaster Ari Steeples

Ari Steeples has always been around the circus. He grew up as a third generation bear trainer. At age 19, he first became a circus ringmaster, which is a job that has stuck with him ever since. He has been the voice of the Hadi Shrine Circus for over two decades now. If you’ve been to a show, you’ll recognize that booming voice on the microphone alongside his top hat and bejeweled jacket.

Deadly Games

Try not to cover your eyes as Alfredo Silva and Aleksandra Kiedrowicz partake in some deadly games. Their knife-throwing act was featured on season 11 of America’s Got Talent, where they reached the semifinals. In 2022, Alfredo won the first season of AGT: Extreme. Alfredo is a sixth generation performer and has been throwing knives since he was 12 years old.

Alan Silva

Another sixth generation circus performer and brother to Alfredo, Alan Silva is a master at aerial acrobatic flying silks. He performed in Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity in Las Vegas. He was also on America’s Got Talent season 15, where he finished in fifth place.

Bobo and Lucky

The wheel of death isn’t new to the circus, but Bobo and Lucky’s daring jumps and flips outside the wheel are like nothing you’ve seen before. These two will try stunts while flying through the air that most people wouldn’t attempt on solid ground.

The Cortes Family

Look high above the floor for the Cortes Family on the flying trapeze. Another generational and world-renown circus family, they’ve performed in major circuses throughout the country. Originally from South America, they are one of the only trapeze acts performing in the United States.

The Shrine Circus Performing Elephants

Ponderous pachyderms perform with perfection. As your grandfather used to say, “hold your horses, here come the elephants!” The elephants have long been a crowd favorite and it’s truly a must see experience. You will be in awe of these beloved friends of the circus, just like we are.

Hadi Shrine Funsters

A tickle to your funny bone becomes a time to remember. Hailing from your hometown, it’s the Hadi Shrine Funsters! Their wild antics have earned them quite the reputation. See their performance during the show or interact with them before the show! Be careful, you never know what’s up their sleeves.

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