Stay tuned as we begin showcasing the acts for the 2021 show!

In the meantime, enjoy a review of the 2019 acts below. 

Bello Nock

Bello’s unique blend of endearing comedy and jaw-dropping daredevil stunts make him one of the most exciting live performers in the world today!  Whether he’s performing a death-defying stunt or bringing smiles to a crowd’s faces, Bello is always incredibly engaging and entertaining! 

TIME Magazine included Bello Nock in their list of “America’s best artists and entertainers”, “BelloBration” played to sold out crowds in Madison Square Garden (with attendance records for a family show that have still never been broken) and his first self-produced theater show was nominated for a prestigious Drama Desk Award! With decades of circus experience including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, Bello is truly one of the most prolific performers of our time. 

Bello’s awards and accolades are too many to mention, his resume and repertoire too vast to describe, but it’s how he makes his audience feel that defines him!  Young or old, Bello always provides his audience with the gift of laughter and inspiration.  His energy and charisma is infectious!

“Belly laughs and genuine gasps!” – The New York Times

“Bello is extraordinary… a hilarious clown and astonighing daredevil, a one man circus all by himself.” – The San Francisco Chronicle

Featured in “America’s Best Artists and Entertainers” – Time Magazine

Ringmaster Ari Steeples

Everyone remembers going to the Circus when they were a child and watching all of the performers entertaining everyone, and dreamed of being part of the show. For Ari Steeples, those dreams became a reality being born into the life style of the circus. Ari became a third generation bear trainer as he grew up thru childhood working with his family who taught him everything about training bears. At age 19, Ari took on another role with the circus and became a Ringmaster. Ari started preforming his bear act on the Jordan World Circus at the age of 25 with his two bears, Tibor and Sammy. Tibor and Sammy are now retired and stay on Ari’s ranch in Texas. Ari Steeples has been the voice of the Jordan World Circus for over two decades now. As the Ringmaster, he invites the audience to sit back relax and enjoy one of the finest circuses you will ever see.

The Petrov Family

The Petrov-Zsilak family; consisting of multigenerational circus artists Alex Petrov, Viktoria(Viki) Zsilak, Sofia Zsilak Petrov, and Richard(Richie) Zsilak; are a family of seasoned performers that have spent their whole lives entertaining children of all ages around the globe. Keep your eyes on the ball, clubs, and rings as Viki and Richie toss object around with precise synchronization in their high energy juggling act. This mother and son juggling duo is sure to grab your attention and have you keeping your eyes peeled to not miss any of the action. Alex and Sofia aren’t anything to yawn at either as they ride in at high speed on the motor cycle high wire. The Sky Rider team of father and daughter will have you on the edge of your seats as they perform daredevil stunts on a motorcycle balancing on a steel wire, no thicker than your finger, at death defying heights. Get ready for the electrifying energy!

BEE the Transformer

Castle’s Performing Bears

This year’s Circus proudly presents James and Tepa Hall and the internationally renowned performing bears. James Hall is an 8th generation circus performer. He’s been preforming since the age of 2 as a unicyclist. At 13, he acquired his first bear.

Tepa has been a circus performer since the age of 6. The stars of the show are, “Nanook”, a female Syrian brown bear and her little mate, “Tutter”. They have enlightened all with their keen balance and dexterity.

The Dominguez Poodles Review

We are third-generation in show business, during the last ten years we have worked across the United States in a number of venues including, theme parks, fairs, festivals, and various circuses like Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus, Circus Sarasota, Shrine circus, Enchanted water Safari, Minerpalooza, etc…

Jorge and Alcira Dominguez, along with ten furry family members, presented the Dominguez Family Poodle Review. Prepare to be entertained by these performing pups!


Tommy Tequila

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